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The Bounce House in Felton

Cullen, Catherine and I were in the bounce house.  We were playing lava monster.  I was trying to make Catherine tag me and then I would tackle Cullen.  He would then be it.  

The End.


The name of my soccer team is Tornadoes. We are unbeatable because we have not lost a game.  My team is Michael, Issac, Jaeden, Caroline, Caitlyn, and Kalaigh.  The coach is my mom Patricia.  We are so good because I am a great defender, Issac is super fast, and Michael is good defense. Caroline is good at passing.  Kalaigh is good at stealing and Caitlyn is good at defense too. 
We all play as a team.  We make plans and we have places one is offense, one is middle, one is goalie.  
Yesterday we played Earthquakes.  I slid in front of the goal before someone kicked it and it did not go in.  Next week is our last game and if we win the last game all of us will get pizza.