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ARK vs Clash of Clans

ARK  is  with  dinosaurs  and  all  the  tech  we  have  now  and  better.  I learn about dinosaurs by riding them and taming them and also it is like Clash of Clans because you need a base.  If you attack them then they will attack you!

Clash  of  clans  is  with  guys  that  try  to  raid  other  people in their base.

But they have towers to defend them so it's not as easy as you think to defeat other people.  You have own to defend yourself.  Then you can join a clan. A clan is a group of people that work together to defeat other clans to get stars and resources.  You can also get the loot, lixer , gold and dark lixer.  
Finally,   I  THINK  ARK  Would  WIN because dinosaurs are stronger, bigger, and just awesome.