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Ten Things I Know About Elephants

Elephants are sensitive from their trunk to their toes.  The trunks grab things and objects that are heavy.  Their are 10,000 muscles in the trunk.  When someone dies in their group they get sad.  Their toes can feel the ground shake under their feet.  They travel in a straight line.  The oldest leads the herd.  The mother is pregnant with their babies for 22 months that's the longest for all mammals.  I like elephants because they are sensitive just like everybody.  
The End

Karate Kids

On Saturday I went to Karate.  It was only forty dollars a month.  This is a video of me fighting Dracko.  We are wrestling and I took him down to the ground and I flipped through his legs. I got through his legs and I got his back.  I put my hooks in then I held on to his back for one minute.  Then I got it again and I got it for one minute again.  My brother Cullen is in the second part of the video breaking the boards.  He got past yellow and orange and went up to green board.  I can get up to blue and yellow board together.  That's all for this weekend with mommy.

Ten Dinosaurs

One time when we weren't alive and we didn't live on earth Two planets crashed to make earth and this is how the earth was created.  First when God or Jesus wasn't alive they lived on earth before anybody in the whole entire world.  The dinosaurs lived on the earth too such as the TREX, Tryceratops, Stegasaurus, Spinosaurus, Duck-billed platapus that is big and makes noises and Briachasaurus.  This is a a picture of a Briachasaurus.  He has a long neck to reach up high to get leaves from tall trees.  He can't run that fast from predators.  That's it for now I will do one another day.  The end. 

Boo BOo and Basketball

I was at a basketball game once we finished the game I went to exit the place then after I exit we went down the stairs the stairs were made out of concrete.  I was walking down the stairs with my dad I tried to skip one of the stairs I slid and I got a big giant boo boo.  It had big giant scrapes the scrapes were red like it was going to bleed but instead of bleeding it stinged like a stingray stinged me.
The next day after my boo boo I went on a hike with my mommy. In the video you can see me jumping with my boo boo.  The End. 

Happy Birthday Braeden

Today is my birthday.  I am 7 years old.  My mom's name is Patricia. My dad's papa name is Bob.  He and his wife paid for me to go to camp until I could go to first grade.  This morning I went to baseball. I won first place for hitting the farthest 108 feet .  My present from my mom was a game called Just Dance 2015 and from my mom's friend that lives with her he got me four guns that come with maybe with 200 or 40 or 59 rubber bullets.  My dad took me to the Hit-athon there were jump houses there and my mom had to come in and get me when it was time to leave.  I have the best dad and mom in the universe.  She told me about a blog that I could make to write stories about my life.